Romance and fine dining always go together with the Italians taking one of the top spots when it comes to serving dishes made for seduction. You get that feel especially when you go around the city during Valentine’s Day.

This is where you see many Italian restaurants packed with couples having a nice, lovely dinner. The simple elegance of this popular cuisine makes it a favorite choice when you want to project love to your partner.

Romantic Dinner

When you’re in Kuala Lumpur and are in the mood for romance, then, Sassorosso Italian Restaurant & Wine Retailer will give you the whole experience. We one of the most romantic restaurant in kl that serve real Italian food from lovely pasta dishes and hearty entrées.

fine dining kl

All of them are cooked using only the freshest ingredients and we make our own pasta with a lengthy selection of classic Italian pastas. You will really feel the fine dining experience because of the luxury feel of eating authentic Italian dishes.

You will dine with beautiful takes on dishes featuring tomatoes, chilis, eggplants, peppers, and berries. These makes up majority of our food where you can delight in the taste despite the simple preparation and presentation.

Our chef’s have also put their signature on the classics to make them even taste better by adding elements to them that customers love. Whether it’s adding more cheese or cooking vegetables just right, you get a great meal as always at this restaurant.

Italian Wine

A fine romantic evening won’t be complete without wine because it’s the catalyst for love during a dinner date. The aroma of the high quality wines at Sassorosso won’t disappoint you in creating a spark between you and your date.

italian wineThe great tasting wines will also compliment well with the dishes that you order. Order different wines to match the dish you’re eating. Dining at this KL most romantic restaurant helps in establishing a great environment to facilitate attraction.

For special dinner and events, you will also be treated with lovely decorations to get you in the mood for a nice evening. Everything is very stylish and bringing your date to such stunning place which would make a good first impression for you.

Your date can be a perfectly quiet evening with their indoor dining area complimented by their beautiful interior design. You can also choose the more vibrant atmosphere of their al fresco area to share a more social experience.

Wine and dine your partner inside one of Kuala Lumpur’s best Italian restaurants. Reserve your seats by calling us directly here.