Planning to host your birthday party at a nice Italian restaurant? Then, look no further. Sassorosso offers a large space inside the restaurant for people who want to host a private party.

Enjoy the cool ambience of the Sassorosso restaurant which is found at one of the center of tourism in the city of Kuala Lumpur. You get to host a party on a spacious area couple with a front terrace which you can decorate yourself.

There are two private rooms that can host 65 and 60 people per room. Clients can book both to accommodate at total of 135 guests. There is ample space to host activities for a party whether you’re hosting a children’s party or visitors that are kids-at-heart.

Aside from a great venue, you will be able to treat your guests to one of the best Italian food in Kuala Lumpur. Party food may include authentic Italian-style pizza cooked inside their specialized oven that infuses great flavors.

You can also taste delicious meat dishes, pasta, and seafood dishes. Their starters and soups taste great as well. From the main course to the dessert, the chef prepares them with only the freshest ingredients to get the best-tasting Italian food you will get in the country.

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