Looking for creative and fun ways to celebrate a company milestone? You can count on Sassorosso to give you a remarkable annual dinner that will surely look great on the photo books.

Sassorosso is a premiere Italian restaurant that boasts of a beautiful ambiance that is perfect for any occasion or celebration. One of the best things about choosing us is that you are guaranteed of a great venue and food at the same time.

Company annual dinners do not have to be boring and stiff all the time. With the right party service it can be made enticing for the employees. We offer the best culinary treats featuring the best Italian cuisine in Malaysia. So, you get the enjoy a charming view and a sumptuous food with us. You can take this annual event to bring out the best fancy dresses of your employee, since the venue is sure to set the right mood for conversations, fashion, and drinks.

Added bonus is our restaurant team that is competent enough to help you run a smooth and engaging program. All you have to do is set the date with us. You can even request us for a specific theme for your company dinner so we can prepare the right decorations and menu accordingly. We make things easy and beautiful for all of you.

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